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Number 1 ranked player on The Crucible has crazy good skills

Do you have what it takes to challenge the world’s best Destiny players?

According to the leaderboards, LikeButta ranks as the number 1 player on The Crucible, Destiny’s competitive multiplayer mode, out of the beta period.

Destiny hits shelves 9 September 2014 on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One


Destiny containhed at least one secret area that wasn’t quite as well-hidden as Bungie had hoped.

Destiny’s beta contained plenty of areas players weren’t supposed to go, usually guarded by high level enemies. Most of these looped back to other areas or ended in dead ends when brave souls managed…


Anonymous asked:

i was having fun on the destiny forums until they appeared... 4CHANNERS they crawled out like termites in wood they where still talking about... it. the raids they did like it was some sort of child bragging about getting ice cream whill their older brother didn't get any it was disgutsting

4Channers are omnipresent.  We must all be wary when browsing, whether it be tumblr, youtube, or even bungie forums.  They brought the fight to us.  Lets bring it home.


When you’re an artist, inspiration can strike from anywhere. A beautiful scene of nature. An abstract form of clay. The crotch of a cybernetic super-soldier.

Okay, so we highly doubt that whoever came up with the logo for Bungie’s Destiny was purposefully channeling SPARTAN-IV pelvis in their design, but Reddit user Starboy11 nonetheless noticed a striking similarity between the armor plating over Bungie-created hero Master Chief’s groin and the logo for the studio’s upcoming Destiny earlier today. And now, much like Bomberman making a cameo on the cover of BioShock 2, we cannot unsee what has been seen.