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vitacide asked:

Do you know if Destiny will be cross platform as in if I'm on my xbox could I play with my friend on ps4 cooperatively?

Unfortunately, Destiny will not have crossplatform multiplayer across console platforms. It is not confirmed whether or not it will have cross-generational multiplayer between different versions of one company’s console (say, whether Xbox 360 players will be able to play with Xbox One players), but this will most likely also not be possible.

jesters-paradise asked:

I need the Beta in my life. When will it embrace me?

As do I.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to get it until the summer, and Sony players (PS4 & PS3) will have earlier access than Microsoft (XB1 & XB360).

Half of speculation seems to have it that it will be early May- early June, similar to Halo 3’s beta.  The other half, as well as myself, believes that it will coincide with bungie day (7/7/2014), and Microsoft fans would see it the following week (7/14/14), as a sort of “bungie day v2” because of all the multiples of 7.

daftthekid asked:

Is the Vanguard class an official class or is that just a rumor?

The Vanguard will be a playable character at some point in the game, confirmed by Bungie.  As of right now, it is only found on IGN that it is going to be a future class (could simply be an inaccurate reporter), but Bungie has not spoken either way on this situation. 

Personally, I do not think it will be available at launch, instead, it will either by DLC or some other unlockable (possibly by completing the campaign on Hardest difficulty or something similar), but that is just my own opinion.