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Though Bungie couldn’t manage 1080p resolution for Destiny’s Xbox One beta, the developer is committed to hitting that mark for the final, retail release. For proof, look no further than the above footage.

Courtesy IGN, this clip is the first look at Destiny running at 1080p and 30 frames per second on an Xbox One. According to the commentary, the developers worked closely with Microsoft to optimize this version of Destiny, which allows Bungie to match the graphical fidelity of the PlayStation 4.

While this video probably won’t end fanboy squabbles over which console is superior, Bungie wants players to know that neither Xbox One nor PlayStation 4 can boast a drastically enhanced version of the open-universe shooter. “It’s the same everywhere,” states graphics engineer Chris Tchou.


Anonymous asked:

How do i get my destiny beta code? I preordered the game about a year ago at gamestop

If you pre-ordered it with your Power-Up Rewards card, then a code was sent to your e-mail that was registered with your card mid-October of 2013.  If you you deleted this code or did not pre-order with your card, then simply visit the store you pre-ordered from with the original receipt/proper information and they should be happy to print your code!